Leverage the power of KERAS in your business

Keras is a neural network library in Python enabling to build own neural networks on different topics. 

Neural networks are powerful tool in AI and Machine Learning field

Let´s explore neural networks in regression and classification projects. The course focuses on concepts underlying regression, such as the differences between simple and multiple regression and algebraically representing a multiple linear regression problem. Moving on, you'll discover various classification techniques, such as Naive Bayes and Mixture Gaussian, and use these to solve practical problems. The course ends by teaching you the basic concepts of multilayer neural networks and how to implement them in Keras environment.

Keras is a user-friendly, modular, and intuitive neural network library that enables you to experiment with deep neural networks

Keras enables to create user-friendly and very powerful techniques by using neural networks on regression and classification problems. Moreover, neural networks are very popular in image recognition and natural language processing. In case of image recognition, the neural networks imitate how the brain works and how the eyes see. So, the neural network is able to recognize different objects on images. In case of natural language processing the neural networks are useful for example to propose next words in your e-mail, blog and much more.

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